For Trade Ally Contractors Renewable Rebates

Focus on Energy offers cash rebates for qualified renewable energy installations including:

  • Up to $50,000 in rebates for both residential and commercial projects.

New for 2022! Custom Rebates for Renewables for wind, biogas, and biomass.

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Biogas tanks

Non-Solar Renewable Energy Rebates

Non-Solar PV renewable projects, including Biogas, Biomass, Wind and Solar Thermal for both residential and commercial.

Custom Renewables Overview [PDF]

Focus on Energy provides up to $15,000 in financial rebates, not to exceed 50% of the cost of the study, for biogas and biomass feasibility studies.

Biomass and Biogas Feasibility Study Application [PDF]

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Solar (PV) Energy

  • Residential customers can receive up to $500
  • Business customers can receive up to $50,000
  • Agricultural producers can receive up to $60,000
  • Affordable housing (new construction, income-qualified, one- to three-unit homes) can receive up to $17,500

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) for residential and commercial.
Solar Electric (PV) Reservation Application
2022 Rebate Application Online
2023 Rebate Application Online

Rural Renewable Eligible Zip Code List [PDF]

Your Energy Advisor is available to answer any questions.

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Residential Customer Solar PV Rebates
Single-Family Home$500 per system

Rural residential customers can receive an additional $500 for installing a system. See the eligible rural ZIP code list [PDF] to confirm eligibility.

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