Incentives for Property Owners

Focus on Energy provides resources and incentives to help multifamily property owners reduce energy costs while also improving building comfort and tenant satisfaction. Energy-efficient building improvements are a smart move for property owners as they often lead to:

  • Greater tenant satisfaction and lower turnover rates
  • Fewer maintenance issues and associated costs
  • Lower operating and energy costs

Focus on Energy offers incentives for in-unit and common area upgrades for multifamily properties with four or more units under one roof. Read on to learn more.

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Available Offerings

Multifamily New Construction Projects

New multifamily building projects not participating in EDA or EDR can take advantage of the Product and Equipment Performance (PEP) offering. Focus on Energy completes a comprehensive review of your new multifamily building’s major energy-using systems to determine how much more efficient your building is than code requirements. Property owners qualify for incentives ranging from $0.03 to $0.17 per square foot depending upon the energy-efficient options incorporated into the building’s design.

Download the PEP workbook for complete offering details. Once you’ve completed the workbook you can submit it online.

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