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Education facilities make up thousands of buildings across Wisconsin and are among the state’s largest energy consumers. Energy costs for schools are the second highest expense. In fact, Wisconsin’s K-12 public school facilities spend more than $175 million on energy costs each year. On a national level, colleges, and universities spend more than $100,000 per building in annual energy costs (based on an average building size of 50,000 ft²) (Business Energy Advisor, 2020). It’s expected there’s at least $40 million in potential energy savings to be realized with improved technology and new operational strategies.

Focus on Energy has a dedicated team of Energy Advisors who specialize in higher education and K-12 facilities. These experts can help you better understand your energy use and identify opportunities to take control of your operating costs through measurable energy-saving projects. Get started today.

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Save Energy
and Earn Prizes for Your School

Engage your students in place-based energy education! Focus on Energy and KEEP (Wisconsin’s K-12 Energy Education Program) are partnering with Renew Our Schools to offer a six-week energy conservation program.

Top schools that reduce their electricity consumption and complete energy actions will receive cash prizes. Focus on Energy provides sponsorships for Wisconsin schools.

Visit Renew Our Schools Energy Challenge to learn more.

Higher Education

Colleges and universities in the United States spend more than $100,000 per building in annual energy costs (based on an average building size of 50,000 ft²) (Business Energy Advisor, 2020).

Work with FOCUS ON ENERGY® to secure financial incentives for equipment upgrades delivering measurable energy savings. Focus on Energy’s team of dedicated Energy Advisors are here to help you understand your energy-intensive facilities so you can maximize their energy-saving potential.

2022 Highlights [PDF]
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, more than half of the electricity used in higher-education facilities go toward ventilation, computer equipment, and lighting. Space heating accounts for more than 60% of natural gas usage.

Expanding Energy

Expand your long-term approach to managing energy with Strategic Energy Management (SEM). Higher Education Institutions are eligible to receive technical and financial support for moving beyond project-by-project energy savings.

Develop a customized energy management plan for your buildings and receive $0.02/kWh and $0.20/therm on validated energy improvement projects.

Check out the Enrollment Guide to get started today!

Develop an Energy Plan
and Get Rewarded

Creating a strategic plan for the way your organization saves energy can have powerful long-term benefits. Include Focus on Energy in the planning process to benefit from expert energy support and receive a 10% bonus on projects completed in 2023.

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Check out our incentive offerings for new construction.

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