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The benefits of cost-effective investments in energy efficiency and/or renewable energy can span the economy by lowering energy costs for consumers and businesses, increasing productivity for businesses, creating jobs, and maintaining housing and commercial affordability. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the production, installation, and servicing of energy efficiency and renewable energy resources and technologies provide a growing number of economic benefits to and employment for millions of Americans. That is where Focus on Energy comes in.

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Helping Your Community

Wisconsin communities and economic development professionals can leverage Focus on Energy resources to save residents money on utility bills and as an aid in business development and retention. Our experts aim to help your community with the following:

  • Lower utility costs for residents.
  • Retain and expand existing businesses.
  • Support new development.
  • Maintain and improve infrastructure.
  • Nurture innovation and technology.
  • Promote sustainability.
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Economic Development Resources

Incentives for Business and Industry

Residential Resources for Homeowners and Tenants

Free Energy-Saving Packs
Choose from three different FREE energy-saving packs full of a variety of efficient home products for every room and need!
Smart Thermostats
Make saving money and energy at home easy with a smart thermostat.
Water Heating
Focus has partnered with participating Trade Ally contractors to provide instant discounts on electric heat pump water heaters and natural gas tankless water…
Insulation & Air Sealing Rebates
One of the best ways to improve comfort, lower your energy costs and boost efficiency in your home is through insulation and air sealing.
Heating & Cooling
Heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of an average home’s energy usage. Learn how to save on your energy bills.
Solar for Homes
If you’ve already put in the work to make your home or business as energy efficient as possible, now is the perfect time to take the next step by installing a solar…
New Home Certification
Build a new home that is up to 100% more energy efficient than the average new home built in Wisconsin.
DIY Insulation & Air Sealing
If you prefer a hands-on approach to home improvement, check out our DIY incentives.
Heat Pump 101
What is a heat pump? It is as simple as it sounds; it is all in the name. A heat pump, pumps heat. It is a piece of equipment used to heat and/or cool a home. It…
Online Home Energy Assessment
This tool recommends energy-saving opportunities that make sense for you. It’s free and only takes about 10 minutes!
Home Comfort Starts Here - Energy Assessments
Do you experience home issues like drafty or stuffy rooms, high energy costs, seasonal discomfort, and other common concerns? With a professional energy assessment,…

Focus on Energy provides financial incentives that support the economic development of Wisconsin communities by creating jobs, upgrading local infrastructure, and improving businesses bottom line.

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