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Energy Design Assistance

Building projects over 5,000 sq. ft. in the early stages of planning and design can maximize energy savings and incentive amounts by participating in Energy Design Assistance (EDA).

Through EDA, you’ll receive a free, customized, whole-building analysis of energy-saving design options. Focus on Energy prepares multiple design options, each progressively more efficient, so that building owners and design teams can customize dozens of design elements to maximize energy efficiency opportunities while balancing financial considerations.

In addition to the building owner’s incentive that is calculated based on the energy savings of the entire facility, design teams may also qualify for financial assistance to offset their staffing costs for EDA participation.

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New Construction Online Tool

If you’ve previously participated or know your project is a good fit for EDA, apply now. Our New Construction Online Tool will guide you to the right path if you’re unsure or want to explore options.

Energy Design Review

New construction and renovation projects further along in the design phase can participate in a simplified process called Energy Design Review (EDR). EDR offers much of the same benefits of EDA, including a whole-building analysis of multiple design options. Similar to EDA, owner incentives are offered based on the building’s overall energy savings. Additionally, design teams may qualify for financial assistance to offset their EDR participation if completing their own energy model.

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Multifamily New Construction Projects

New multifamily building projects not participating in EDA or EDR can take advantage of the Product and Equipment Performance (PEP) offering. Focus on Energy completes a comprehensive review of your new multifamily building’s major energy-using systems to determine how much more efficient your building is than code requirements. Property owners qualify for incentives ranging from $0.03 to $0.17 per square foot depending upon the energy-efficient options incorporated into the building’s design.

Download the PEP workbook for complete offering details. Once you’ve completed the workbook you can submit it online.

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Multifamily Property Development Overview

If you are considering, or in the process of, building a new multifamily property, look to Focus on Energy to maximize your energy-saving opportunities.

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