For Trade Allies Midstream Program

Program Overview

Focus on Energy partners with distributors and contractors to provide instant discounts to utility customers who purchase qualifying energy-efficient equipment, including:

  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment
  • Water Heaters
    • Heat Pump Water Heaters
    • Natural Gas Tankless Water Heaters
    • Natural Gas Storage (Tank Type) Water Heaters
    • Commercial Water Heaters
  • High Performance Circulator Pumps
  • High Efficiency Electric Hand Dryers

To be eligible for an instant discount, residential and business customers must be located in Wisconsin and serviced by a participating Focus on Energy utility.

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial kitchens are notorious for high energy use—as much as three times more per square foot than other commercial buildings like offices or retail stores. Outfitting a commercial kitchen with ENERGY STAR®® certified products could help you save more than $5,300 a year on energy costs.*

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Eligible Equipment Participating Distributors
Electric boiler - Energy Star

Water Heaters

To maximize efficiency, ENERGY STAR® certified electric heat pump water heaters use a high-efficiency heat pump to transfer heat from the surrounding air to the water— think of it like a refrigerator running in reverse. Focus has partnered with participating contractors to provide instant discounts on electric heat pump water heaters as well as natural gas tankless water heaters and natural gas storage water heaters.

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Eligible Equipment Participating Distributors

High Performance Circulator Pumps

Variable-speed ECM circulator pumps can be 40% more energy efficient than single speed pumps by matching the pump’s flow speed to a building’s demand.

Eligible Equipment Participating Distributors
Boiler and pumps1
Hand dryer 270250678

High Efficiency Electric Hand Dryers

High efficiency electric hand dryers can save energy over their lifetime compared to older, lower efficiency models by using higher velocity air with shorter runtimes. They can also be a more sustainable solution, potentially offering a lower carbon footprint than paper towels per use.

Not a participating Trade Ally contractor?

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