Focus on Reducing Your Footprint

Wisconsin celebrates the planet with the rest of the world every Earth Day, April 22. During the month of April, we'll share some of the many actions you can take to positively impact the planet.

Start here and learn how you can save energy and reduce your footprint at the same time.

Looking for even more ways to work with Mother Nature this month and year-round?

Focus on Energy empowers the people and businesses of Wisconsin to make smart energy decisions with enduring economic benefits.

Focus on Your Home

We offer homeowners and renters rebates and incentives for energy-saving projects and products.

Want to make your home more efficient, but don’t know where to start? Focus on Energy offers a variety of different energy-saving packs (sent to you for FREE), our Online Marketplace which features discounted products for purchase, and our network of Trade Ally Contractors to help you with energy-saving projects.

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Focus on Your Business

We are dedicated to understanding your business and identifying the greatest potential for savings.

Want help getting started? We offer incentives for energy-saving projects and products—with customized solutions by business type, training opportunities, and access to our network of Trade Ally Contractors and Energy Advisors.

Business Rebates & Incentives
Featured Success Story

The Masters Residences Phase 2 Apartments in Middleton, Wisconsin, is an example of how commercial property owner, T. Wall Enterprises, used C-PACE financing from the PACE Wisconsin program and energy incentives from the Focus on Energy program for their new construction project.

Trade Ally Partners

Focus on Energy Trade Allies are valuable contractors and service providers who partner with us to deliver energy efficiency and renewable energy products and expertise directly to Wisconsin residents and businesses.

Benefits of partnering with us:

  • Additional revenue
  • Motivated customers
  • Marketing resources
  • Training
  • Dedicated support and technical assistance

Stand out from the crowd and become a Focus on Energy Trade Ally Partner today!

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Focus Resources

We help Wisconsinites analyze their energy costs and become more energy efficient. Find useful tools, valuable tips, and resources designed to create greater occupant comfort and promote energy efficiency.

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Heating Your Home for Less

Did you know that heating and cooling your home can, on average, cost more than $900 a year—nearly half your home’s total energy bill? A furnace breakdown during cold weather is the last thing anyone wants.
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