Why it’s a Great Time to Go Solar in Wisconsin
Here in the Badger State, the future of renewable energy from the sun is brighter than ever. Wisconsin gets plenty of sunshine throughout the year—even in winter—to power your home. Let’s look into some of our favorite reasons to go solar.

1. It’s getting cheaper
As technology advances, the price of solar panels is dropping1. Add FOCUS ON ENERGY® incentives and federal tax credits, and you can cover a large portion of your installation costs.

2. You can reduce or even eliminate your electric bills
A solar PV system sized to your home and usage needs generates energy day in and day out, helping offset the amount of electricity your home consumes. This significantly reduces electric costs so you have one less worry when it comes to your monthly bills.

3. Get a great return on your investment
Once installed, your new solar panels put the sun to work for you. Produce energy for your home and see your energy costs drop. You can even use the savings on your electric bills to help pay off your system over time.

4. Boost property value
Adding solar to your home can be great for resale, especially as homebuyers become more educated on the benefits, and the demand for solar-equipped homes continues to grow2.

5. Create jobs and help the economy, right here in Wisconsin
Wisconsin is in for energy efficiency, and you can be, too. If your home is already using energy efficiently, going solar is one of the most impactful steps you can take to make an even bigger difference while contributing to more jobs and money staying in our state.

Interested in powering your home with clean solar energy? Check out our solar incentives and resources or get started with a solar Trade Ally contractor.

Solar panels on Grass

1 Earthtechling.com
2 HSH and the National Realtor Assocation

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