Riverwood Apartments

Madison, WI
Madison Gas & Electric

Madison, WI

Incentive: $18,695

Utility: Madison Gas & Electric

Program: Multifamily Energy Savings

Riverwood Apartments in Madison, WI recently contacted a Focus on Energy Trade Ally, American Home Consultants LLC, and completed energy efficiency upgrades on their multifamily complex. The building was built back in the 1970s and was in dire need of air sealing improvements. Tenants were noticing air leakages which were resulting in excessive heating costs. When the Trade Ally inspected the building they noticed that the insulation was dirty, which indicates that there was a large volume of air moving through the space.

American Home Consultants reached out to Focus on Energy in order to help the apartment complex save money by not only doing some air sealing improvements, but they also added some updated insulation. The Trade Ally has worked with Focus on Energy’s Residential Programs for years, but in this case they knew to reach out to the Multifamily Program. In total, the Trade Ally was able to help Riverwood Apartments by helping them receive a Focus on Energy incentive of $18,695.

With the air sealing and attic insulation upgrades added to the apartment complex, the building is already seeing energy savings. Riverwood Apartments now has happier tenants that have lower energy bills. The tenants are hoping to have a warmer winter, all thanks to American Home Consultants LLC.

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