Reducing Energy Waste is Company Culture for Wisconsin’s Worldwide Media Partner, Quad

Reducing Energy Waste is Company Culture for Wisconsin’s Worldwide Media Partner, Quad

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Sussex, WI
We Energies

Printing is in Joel Quadracci’s blood. As a child, his grandfather wasn’t behind the counter at the family’s Italian grocery store in Racine. You could find him using a small printing press behind the store! Harry R. “Senior” Quadracci co-founded the W.A. Krueger company in the early 1930s and his son, Harry V. Quadracci, joined the company in 1964.

Just seven years later, after overseeing a labor dispute for Krueger and believing the company wasn’t treating employees correctly, “Junior” Quadracci left Krueger and created Quad/Graphics in an abandoned mill work factory in Pewaukee.

50 years and 50 worldwide locations later, Quad is a premiere global leader not only in the world of print, but in marketing solutions for brand names you use every single day.

Approximately 1,700 employees work at Quad’s facility in Sussex managing printing, finishing, mailing and distribution, maintenance, and work-in-process operations (including two High-Density Storage Systems). There are 10 additional Wisconsin facilities following the sustainability culture created by the Quadracci’s.

“My father always talked about how when he started the company, he couldn’t afford to throw anything out,” Quad President/CEO Joel Quadracci said. “So, everything was recycled because it was good business. That always left a lasting impression on me. The culture of Quad has always been about what’s good for the environment is good for business and in energy’s case, it’s super important.”

Collaborating with We Energies (on four main production plants), as well as Hartford Utilities/WPPI Energy, and Focus on Energy, Quad’s Energy Team integrates their optimization efforts into every function throughout the plant.

Every employee of Quad will tell you they knew at their orientation their employer expected a commitment to sustainability. Joel Quadrucci never lost sight of why his father founded Quad 50 years ago. Harry Quadrucci’s focus on making sure employees know they are part of “a family” gives employees the power to shape their workplace and currently has the company on a path towards becoming 50001 Ready.

“I’d like to thank Focus on Energy for the award and reinforcing the recognition goes back to our Energy Team Members pas and present, as well as the Quad personnel that have supported our projects and programs,” Quad Facilities Manager Ken Berg said.

Focus on Energy incentives of more than $201,000 helped Quad upgrade variable speed air compressors and efficient compressed air accessories, a high-efficiency chiller system, install more LED Lighting, and add variable frequency drives to HVAC pumps and fans.

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