ND Paper Focused on Recycling and Reducing Energy Costs, Waste at New Biron, WI Facility

Congratulations to ND Paper!

Congratulations to ND Paper for their grand opening of the new facility in Biron, WI. This facility will take more than 2000 tons of old corrugated containers (OCC), convert recycled bales of cardboard and corrugated materials into OCC slush pulp, and turn that pulp into paper for brown paper bags, cardboard, and packaging materials.

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44 Applications for Incentives since 2016

ND Paper started working with the Focus on Energy Large Industrial program in 2016. 44 applications for various projects of various size now total 1,120,000 LC MMBtu saved.

That is enough energy saved to power 757 homes!

Key projects included:

  • September 2020 - Completed Strategic Energy Management (SEM) process resulting in savings of 24,700 LC MMBtu.
  • December 2020 – Completed several process equipment VFD pumps, fans, and lighting upgrades resulting in savings of 915,000 LC MMBtu.
  • January 2022 – Completed a custom tank insulation project resulting in 147,000 LC MMBtu savings.
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting fixture upgrades.
  • HVAC and hot water boiler upgrades and improvements.
Learn more about the new facility from ND Paper.
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