Mercury Marine

Fond du Lac, WI
Alliant Energy

Mercury Marine has been providing enthusiasts around the globe with world-class outboards and sterndrives for the past 75 years. After years of innovation, their motors leave a historic legacy building memories for their customers on the water.

Their Fond du Lac plant once started as a small machine shop back in 1939, but has grown to the largest builder of marine propulsion systems around the world. It now sits on 20 acres with 2,000,000 square feet of plant space. Mercury Marine not only builds outboards, they are also doing their part to make their business as sustainable and energy efficient as possible.

In 2014 Mercury Marine earned $11,500 in incentives for energy efficiency upgrades at their plant as part of a three year agreement with Focus on Energy. For many large manufacturing plants like Mercury Marine, compressed air leak detection and repair is a challenge. When these problems are detected they are commonly postponed, due to a lack of available resources within the facility. But with the help of Focus on Energy and Vibra-Conn, Mercury Marine was able to address these issues.

Focus on Energy’s representative recommended that Mercury Marine do a compressed air leak survey. The survey pointed out a number of improvements to the compressed air operation that would be very beneficial. After recommended improvements were made, the plant is now saving energy by avoiding leaks in their compressed air distribution system. With the new energy efficiency upgrades in place, Mercury Marine is now seeing an annual energy savings of about $107,000.

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