Lighting the Way for Industry: Contemporary Energy Solutions 2022 Energy Efficiency Trade Ally Excellence Award

Focus on Energy Trade Allies are the Wisconsin contractors passionate about helping Wisconsin companies improve their bottom line through energy efficiency solutions. Contemporary Energy Solutions (CES) in Manitowoc, is one of those Trade Allies. CES works with commercial, industrial, and large energy users, to support their energy efficiency improvements.

CES Workers

From custom to remodeling projects for manufacturers and rural industrial, CES has successfully designed more than 2,000 energy-efficient lighting projects since 2008. CES offers customers a free Energy Audit and Lighting assessment to determine exactly how to tailor their work specifically to each customer. Measuring and verifying energy consumption via that audit starts the design process tailored to that customer. CES makes sure to explain why the investment is needed, the savings via the incentives, the savings seen each year, and how quickly the investment is returned, CES

“We go into these facilities, we help them assess what their operating costs are with older, inefficient lighting,” CES Founder & Principal Tony Vlastelica said. “Then we help them see what the ‘big picture’ looks like if they upgraded to LED.”

“As far as the energy savings and incentives, that comes from the Focus on Energy program,” Vlastelica said. “We help bring it all together and help folks execute on these projects.”

“Just from 2021 through mid-2022, your customers have received over $600,000 in incentives from Focus on Energy, as well as their utility, by making energy saving improvements,” Focus on Energy Advisor Lori Griesbach said. “Also, in this time frame, you have completed over 85 energy-savings projects. The energy saved by your customers is equivalent to 9,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year saved. That’s equivalent to 2,000,000 cars removed from the road per year.”

“This is the answer to our energy crisis,” Wisconsin State Representative Paul Tittl said, “It’s not necessarily everything else that people are talking about in the news but helping companies save a lot of money in energy and for us, be able to support our grid for years into the future.”

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