Kenall Manufacturing

Kenall Manufacturing

Kenosha, WI
We Energies

Focus on Energy’s Design Assistance team contacted Kenall Manufacturing after seeing an article on their plans to move the company headquarters to Kenosha. Kenall relocated its business from a neighboring state to an area of significant growth in Wisconsin; therefore, this particular project makes a great story from an economic development perspective as well as the energy savings. Another unique aspect is the fact that the customer's own product was included in the ECMs analyzed, for which they ultimately received incentives, as described below.

The Design Assistance program was a natural fit for Kenall, a lighting manufacturer. The company was able to use their own energy-saving fixtures in the new facility, after the program performed an energy optimization analyses. Focus on Energy provided Kenall an incentive to design efficient and energy-conscious systems for the facility’s lighting and heating and cooling units. The Design Assistance team also assisted in generating ideas for the selection of energy-efficient operating equipment.

Some specific strategies implemented were:

  • LED (Solid State) lighting for the entire property, including all outdoor and indoor lighting saving approximately 40% in lighting electricity consumption as compared to traditional, historical baseline lighting methods
  • Occupancy sensing for all offices, meaning the office lights automatically turn on and off depending if presence in the room is sensed by the lighting system occupancy sensor
  • R-12 building wall panels with extra upright seam insulation and caulking
  • Higher efficiency roof-top HVAC units and fan operation

Kenosha, WI
We Energies (Wisconsin Electric Power Company)

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