Flex Automation

Flex Automation

New Berlin, WI
We Energies

A southeast Wisconsin employer specializing in robotics is saving energy and money thanks to an incentive from the Focus on Energy program.

With a state-of-the-art machine shop within its 30,000 square foot facility, Flex Automation can do anything its customers need done with ABB robots. Now their precise work is aided by higher quality (and more energy efficient) lighting in their warehouse and office spaces.

“Fluorescent lighting is very expensive, looks very old and we always seemed to be changing light bulbs,” said Ted Weller, Flex Automation President. “Having to discard the old bulbs was not pleasant as they are considered hazardous waste.”

A $7,664 financial incentive from Focus on Energy assisted in replacing old fluorescent lighting with LED (light emitting diode) fixtures at two of Flex Automation’s four locations.

“Not only have we seen a decrease in our electrical bills, the lighting is better and brighter,” Weller said. “We found that we didn’t have to replace our all of our old fixtures, we could get by with less lighting. The lighting fixtures themselves are more modern and appealing.”

The lighting upgrades were installed by Warehouse Lighting of New Berlin, a registered trade ally with Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program.

“We did a lot of investigating and decided to work with Warehouse Lighting,” Weller explained. “They were very helpful in coming to our locations to evaluate and make suggestions and explain how the incentive works.”

Funded by 108 participating electric and natural gas utilities, Focus on Energy is Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable energy program. Since 2001, Focus on Energy information, resources and financial incentives have helped to implement projects that otherwise would not get completed, or to complete projects sooner than scheduled.

“The incentive helped us to pay for the new lighting,” Weller said. “Working with Marcia Foelker from Focus on Energy was a joy.”

The upgrades are estimated to save Flex Automation more than $24,800 in annual energy cost savings. In terms of energy savings, their estimated first year reduction of 225,867 kilowatt hours of electricity is enough to power 18 Wisconsin homes for one year.

Privately owned for more than 11 years, Flex Automation LLC, is in growth mode. They are currently installing LED fixtures at a third location, and is planning to do so at their newest location. Flex Automation is served by We Energies for its electric and natural gas needs.

Flex Automation lowers costs for its customers by using quality, refurbished robots and parts. Quick turnaround times on even the largest of projects is part of their exceptional customer service.

Focus on Energy’s efforts help Wisconsin businesses and residents manage rising energy usage, promote in-state economic development, protect the environment and control the state’s growing demand for electricity and natural gas.

For more information on how Focus on Energy can assist your business, visit https://focusonenergy.com/business.

New Berlin, WI
We Energies (Wisconsin Electric Power Company)

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