Crandon Schools

Crandon, WI
Wisconsin Public Service

Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) along with Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s statewide program for energy efficiency and renewable energy, presented the School District of Crandon a check for $35,440 after instituting several energy savings measures.

The School District of Crandon has been working with WPS and Focus on Energy over the past several months to upgrade lighting in the auditorium and classrooms, install lighting motion sensors, install variable speed drives on their air handling system, and upgrade to a more energy efficient dishwasher.

“The school district is doing several things to save energy and money by taking advantage of the multiple project bonus program that WPS is offering commercial customers this year. The school district also took advantage of special rate options to save money and practiced personal energy conservation measures to reduce how energy is used the building,” said Tim Hintz, WPS Account Executive.

Hintz added that projects like these will save the school district energy and money, while also being environmentally friendly.

“The Focus on Energy Incentives made our energy upgrades an easy decision. We are rewarded financially for doing what is right in regards to energy consumption,” said Jim Asher, District Administrator.

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