Research Assessment of Photovoltaics at High Penetration on Peak Demand and Annual Energy Use
Research Characterizing the Renewable Energy Landscape in Wisconsin
Research Biogas Storage Farm AD Report
Research Farm-based Bioenergy Infrastructure for Wisconsin: Too Big, Too Little or Just Right?
Research An Assessment of Woody Biomass Harvests in Northern Wisconsin
Research Land-use, Soil Health, and Water Quality Changes with Woody Energy Crop Production in Wisconsin and Minnesota
Research Identifying Tradeoffs Between Biomass Production and Biological Diversity in Wisconsin's Forests and Grasslands to Meet Tomorrow's Bioenergy and Biofuel Needs
Research Impacts of Bioenergy Crop Production on Environmentally Sensitive Lands
Research An Ecosystem Management Approach to Biomass Production in Southern Wisconsin
Research Economic and Environmental Impact of Biomass Types for Bioenergy Power Plants
Research Assessing Sustainability of Switchgrass Production in Southwestern Wisconsin
Research Quantifying the Economic and Ecological Aspects of Forest Biomass Harvesting in Wisconsin
Research Energy Intensity and Environmental Impact of Integrated Dairy/Bioenergy Systems in Wisconsin
Research Impacts of Biomass Removal on Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Wisconsin Northern Hardwood Forests
Research Life Cycle Analysis of Pellet Fuels
Research A Collaborative and Regional Analysis of Bird and Bat Mortality at Three Wind Farms in Southeastern Wisconsin
Research Maximizing Ecological Services and Economic Returns by Targeted Establishment of Biomass Yielding Grasslands in Wisconsin
Research Impacts of Harvesting Woody Biomass on Nutrient Cycling and Biodiversity in Northern Hardwoods
Research Using NEXRAD Weather Radar to Minimize the Impact of Wind Energy Farms on Migrating Birds
Research Land Use and Ecological Consequences of a Wood Gasification Energy Facility at UW-Stevens Point: A Spatial Analysis with Statewide Consequences
Research Evaluating Nocturnal Bird and Bat Migration in the Upper Mississippi River Valley and Its Implications for Siting Wind Energy Facilities: A Workshop Series for Resource Agencies and Wind Developers
Research Wisconsin Farm Biomass Production and the Emerging Carbon Economy
Research Development of a Regional Wildlife Mapping Tool to Guide Renewable Wind Energy Project Siting in the Upper Mississippi River Basin's Driftless Area
Research Renewable Fuel Availability, Extraction and Usage Potential Impacts
Research Consumer Adoption and Grid Impact Models for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Wisconsin
Research The Impact of Sustainable Forest Management on Long-Term Biomass Production and Forest Health: The state of the science
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