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Want to make your home or business more efficient, but do not know where to start? Focus on Energy offers a variety of different energy-saving packs—all sent to you for FREE.

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DIY Insulation & Air Sealing
If you prefer a hands-on approach to home improvement, check out our DIY incentives.
We can help you incorporate energy efficiency into your building operation and provide you with financial incentives to replace or upgrade current equipment.
Smart Thermostats
Make saving money and energy at home easy with a smart thermostat.
Retail & Grocery
Focus on Energy can help improve your customers’ shopping experience while lowering energy costs.
Renewables for Businesses
Go green with renewable energy. Take advantage of our financial incentives for renewable energy systems, like solar and wind, or research a future biomass or…
We provide resources and incentives to help multifamily property owners reduce energy costs and improve building comfort and tenant satisfaction.
Solar for Homes
If you’ve already put in the work to make your home or business as energy efficient as possible, now is the perfect time to take the next step by installing a solar…
Water Heating
Focus has partnered with participating Trade Ally contractors to provide instant discounts on electric heat pump water heaters and natural gas tankless water…
Tune-ups & Assessments
Keep your facility's equipment running at its highest efficiency by performing regular maintenance and tune-ups.
Find incentives and resources that can help lower your school and government facility’s energy usage and help you take control of your operating costs.
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