Wisconsin Contractor Reaches 10,000 New Home Certifications in 21 Years

Lisbon, WI – Tom Bawolek, owner of Five Star Energy Corporation and a FOCUS ON ENERGY® Trade Ally contractor accomplished something no other Trade Ally has come close to accomplishing. In 2001, right after the State of Wisconsin created Focus on Energy, Bawolek began rating and certifying energy efficient homes, recently hitting 10,000 new home certifications.

That’s almost 500 home certifications every 365 days.

“10,000 homes. That’s a lot,” Andy Kuc, Focus on Energy Residential New Construction Program Manager said recently at a surprise award ceremony for Bawolek. “That’s more than one home every day in the past 21 years including holidays and weekends. But that’s just a small part of it because along with that, Bawolek performed probably 25,000 site visits.”

Tom Bawolek Receives 10,000 Home Certification Award

Bawolek is a Building Performance Consultant (BPC) working with more than 60 Milwaukee-area builders specializing in energy efficiency solutions for new and existing homes. Focus on Energy Building Performance Consultants help builders and home buyers build the most comfortable, durable, safe, high-quality, energy-efficient, and affordable home. BPCs also work with homebuyers or homeowners conducting thorough inspections lowering operational costs, creating better indoor air quality, helping with Focus on Energy cash back rewards and, most importantly, offering piece of mind.

“I like to put myself in a homeowner’s hands” Bawolek said. “I’m making sure that things are right. I wouldn’t want to know that a bath fan isn’t running, or part of the attic isn’t insulated, or a light’s been stomped on or whatever and not do anything about it.”

The Focus on Energy New Home Certification Program works directly with prospective home buyers, builders, and energy experts to construct new homes that are between 25% and 100% more efficient than homes built to Wisconsin’s residential building codes. Focus on Energy Certified New Homes provide lower energy bills, proof of quality, year-round comfort, and resale advantage. Learn more about why Focus on Energy Builders build better homes.

Tom wasn’t sure what to make of the surprise party Focus on Energy threw him. You can watch his shock and hear from him about how busy he has been for more than 20 years in the video below.

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