Study: Focus on Energy Programs Deliver Energy Savings with High Customer Satisfaction

Energy Savings Efforts Strengthen Wisconsin’s Economy


MADISON – Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program continues to deliver significant cost-effective energy savings and high customer satisfaction, according to an independent evaluation report. The program also reached new all-time highs in customer satisfaction, despite many challenges and the economic impacts of the global pandemic.

The report, prepared by The Cadmus Group, found that every dollar invested in Focus on Energy projects in 2020 returned another $4.32 in benefits to Wisconsin. The report also shows satisfaction with Focus on Energy among those who have participated in the Program continued its upward trend to 9.4 on a 10-point scale to reach another all-time high. This year over year increase in satisfaction with all Focus on Energy offerings shows that the program continues to find ways to improve the customer experience.

Wisconsin energy utilities have funded the statewide Focus on Energy Program since its creation in 2001. It promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy through a portfolio of programs and incentives to residents, retailers, local governments, schools, farms, and businesses of all sizes.

“Energy efficiency is a great deal for ratepayers and these independent evaluation results show the value that the Focus program continues to provide after 20 years,” said Focus on Energy Program Director Erinn Monroe-Nye.

Key findings from the evaluation report were:

  • Last year Focus on Energy served customers at more than 1,147,211 residences and over 4,999 businesses.
  • With the support of utilities and Trade Ally contractors, the program exceeded its annual energy savings targets. The program saved a total of 730.8 million kilowatt hours and 22.3 million therms in 2020.
  • An estimated 958,000 Wisconsin customers took advantage of lighting discounts at retail locations.
  • The online marketplace netted 32,594 new customers in 2020.
  • Customers highly rated their interactions with Focus on Energy’s programs, Trade Ally contractors and staff. Overall, customer satisfaction was rated as a 9.4 on a 10-point scale.

"The Focus on Energy Program continues to consistently demonstrate its value to our state," said Public Service Commission Chairperson Rebecca Cameron Valcq. "Not only does Wisconsin benefit financially from Focus on Energy, but the program also reduces our carbon footprint, increases job opportunities, and has positive effects on human health.

Read about other key findings from the evaluation reports at
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Focus on Energy is funded by 107 partnering utilities and electric cooperatives across the state. Customers of those energy providers are eligible for the expertise and financial incentives through Focus on Energy solutions and offerings. These solutions help Wisconsin homeowners, manufacturers, small business owners, farmers, municipalities and other groups reduce energy waste, energy costs and pollution.

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