State to offer anaerobic digester funding for dairies

Roughly $6.4 million in anaerobic digester funding for Wisconsin’s small dairies — defined as fewer than 700 head of cattle — has been announced by Focus on Energy to bridge the gap between the state’s dairy majority and access to locally-produced energy, organic products and manure management. About $500,000 in funding is available per project, with a grant application deadline of Sept. 25. Anaerobic digestion of manure can provide a variety of advantages to dairy farms.

Some benefits include creation of continuous on-farm electricity, heat or vehicle fuel; odor reduction; energy offset; manure and nutrient management; organic byproducts, such as livestock bedding or compost and fertilizer; and increased farm sustainability.

Feasibility studies — at no cost — for interested dairies to help understand how farms can fit into the Focus on Energy program is being offered by Wisconsin-based anaerobic digestion company BIOFermEnergy Systems, which may be contacted at 608-229-6504.

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