Hatco’s Energy Efficiency Investment Focuses on Workers
Focus on Workers

Improving Air Quality in Manufacturing Facilities

(Sturgeon Bay, WI) - Workers inside Hatco’s 300,000 square foot manufacturing plant know working in comfortable conditions year-round is invaluable and possible. The employee-owners collaborated with their utilities, WPS and Sturgeon Bay Utilities, and FOCUS ON ENERGY® to help with a long-term energy efficiency investment to improve the air they breathe while manufacturing products.

Focus on Energy provided $244,665.80 which helped offset some of the cost for 12 new energy-efficient HVAC units now providing constantly monitored air flow

“We could have chosen a solution with a lesser upfront cost,” said Jason Gloudemans, Hatco Facilities Maintenance Manager. “Focus on Energy has these programs in place to assist with the larger upfront investment knowing that it will be a better, more efficient solution in the long term.”

Create Sustainable Savings for Your Manufacturing Facility
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The full-factory HVAC system also improves dehumidification, air distribution, air flow, sterilization, and heat for all buildings.

“To justify this project, we didn't only consider summer comfort,” said Gloudemans, “We considered the benefits of summer air treatment (dehumidification), winter air treatment (heating), improved air distribution, and improved air flow.”

Hatco’s operations team eliminated multiple inefficient types of air treatment equipment; Modine heaters, radiant heaters, exhaust fans, and pillar mounted fans. Two buildings no longer use air handlers.

“Wisconsin manufacturers working with Focus on Energy advisors often find other energy inefficiencies they can eliminate after a project starts,” said Lisa Stefanik, Focus on Energy Managing Director. “That is the added value Focus on Energy provides beyond the financial incentives. Many of Wisconsin’s largest manufacturers and businesses have worked with the same Focus on Energy Advisor for more than 20 years.”

“The purpose of Focus on Energy is to aid and assist in industrial projects,” said Gloudemans, “Our energy advisor, Ted Verhaagh, is there every step of the way making sure we remain focused on the most energy-efficient solution.”

“Focus on Energy brought collaboration of energy savings and an associated incentive, which provided the groundwork for ultimately accepting and moving this project forward,” said Larry Sabel, SES Group, Focus on Energy Trade Ally. “We can’t thank the Focus on Energy program enough for the ability for SES Group to offer options that probably would never have been entertained or realized without your help.”

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