Focus on Energy Solutions; Redesigned Website Empowers Wisconsinites

Assess your home’s energy efficiency with new, online tool

Madison, WI – Making smart energy efficiency decisions just got easier in Wisconsin when residents visit a website already known as the “go-to spot” for expert energy advice: Focus on Energy, in partnership with Wisconsin Utilities. provides resources for energy-saving solutions in Wisconsin and the new website design integrated with easy-to-use tools will keep Wisconsin residents and businesses focused on future, sustainable energy decisions.

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“When people visit our website, it should be easy to find the answers they need and offer even more information,” Focus on Energy Managing Director Lisa Stefanik said. “Since 2001, Focus on Energy has created innovative ways for Wisconsinites to become energy efficient and a new tool on the website is a game-changer for those looking to focus on home comfort.”

The Focus on Energy Home Energy Online Assessment tool offers an in-depth look at your home and what can be done to make it more energy efficient. The tool can be accessed 24/7 and will create personalized recommendations for each residential utility customer based on the specific information provided about home size and energy usage.

We have created an informational video which walks website visitors through the process. The report generated will suggest energy-efficient improvements, a list of relevant rebates, and suggestions for Trade Allies (local contractors) that can help with any energy efficiency project.

“One of the primary goals of the website redesign was centered on the user experience and improving the way we connect with our audiences,” Focus on Energy Digital Director John Landowski said. “The assessment tool and website design are built on a foundation offering an interactive online experience.”

October is Energy Awareness Month, and we are honoring Wisconsin businesses and Trade Allies with 2022 Energy Efficiency Excellence awards and Energy Efficiency Trade Ally Awards. From the Miller Brewery, to UW-Superior, to Maple Ridge Dairy in Stratford, these success stories highlight the best of the best in energy efficiency in Wisconsin. Learn more about them!

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