Focus on Energy Offering Anaerobic Digester Program

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Focus on Energy is now accepting proposals for several business efficiency programs, including one for small farm anaerobic digesters.

"We're excited to offer these innovative and impactful opportunities to drive energy savings for the State of Wisconsin,” said Tamara Sondgeroth, Director of Operations for Focus on Energy. "We look forward to finding more critical pathways for delivering energy savings to our farms, residents, and businesses across the state."

Sondgeroth says Wisconsin leads the nation for installations of anaerobic digestion systems on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, which typically have at least 1,000 cattle or tens of thousands of smaller animals. However, the majority of cows in Wisconsin are not located on CAFOs, but instead on approximately 12,000 small to medium-sized dairy farms.

"The average Wisconsin dairy farm has about 100 cattle, a size in which anaerobic digestion is still quite uncommon," she noted.

Funding for the digester program was set aside by the Public Service Commission and is intended to provide financial assistance to smaller farms that are interested in installing anaerobic digesters at their facilities.

The deadline to apply for proposals is September 25. For more information, go to:

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