Focus on Energy 20th Anniversary Video Campaign Wins 2021 MarCom Award

“Discover Energy Savings” Video Series earns platinum MarCom


Focus on Energy® earned top honors for a fourth year in a row at the 2021 MarCom Awards for distinction in marketing and communications. Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable resources program collaborated with Discover Mediaworks to create four unique videos. Each video celebrates the 20th Anniversary and educates Wisconsinites on all of the benefits of Focus on Energy.

Focus on Energy will bring home a Platinum MarCom in the Audio/Video Category for Digital Video Creation-Success Stories. The “Discover Energy Savings” Video Series developed by Focus on Energy and produced with Discover Mediaworks captures the depth of Wisconsin’s energy-efficiency program by highlighting successful projects and stakeholders from around the state.

The 20th Anniversary campaign focused on the four foundational components of Focus on Energy: the “Residential Solutions”, the “Business Solutions”, the “Trade Allies” (contractors across the state) and the 107 utility partners. Each video shows how homeowners, local businesses, farmers, schools, and manufacturers collaborating with our energy specialists, utilities, and contractors to get more than just cash incentives for becoming energy efficient.

“We are honored to receive this award and thank Discover Mediaworks for taking our vision and creating videos that educate, entertain and represent the program,” said John Landowski, Focus on Energy Digital Marketing Director. “Most Wisconsinites don’t know how the largest manufacturers and businesses work with Focus on Energy Auditors and Energy Specialists on energy-efficiency projects that create better work environments, reopen deserted factories in Wisconsin communities, and save energy and money.”

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