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How It Works

Focus on Energy uses the original or value-engineered design as a starting point and prepares alternative design options, each progressively more efficient. Every design option shows the projected changes to the building's energy use and the impact on operating income and loan potential. Building owners have the flexibility to customize dozens of design elements to maximize energy efficiency opportunities while balancing financial considerations.

Below is a snapshot of how Focus on Energy's design options may compare. In this example, the additional investment to improve the building design from good to best DOUBLES the property’s loan potential and net operating income.

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FOCUS ON ENERGY® has supported more than 100 multifamily new construction projects, helping Wisconsin building owners save over $6.8 million in annual energy costs. If you're considering or in the process of building a new multifamily property, look to Focus on Energy to maximize your energy savings opportunities.

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What Strategies Will Your Next Project Include?

Maximize your energy savings potential with these top design recommendations for multifamily properties:

  • Increased wall insulation
  • High solar gain, nonmetal frame windows
  • Reduced lighting power density
  • Daylighting controls
  • Variable frequency drives on circulation pumps
  • Parking garage ventilation controls
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The planning and design phases are the best time to contact Focus on Energy.

Energy-efficient design recommendations can be made up until construction documents and bids are finalized.

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