Future Focus Initiative Integrated Controls Pilot

What we're testing

Throughout this study, Slipstream will provide technical assistance to integrate lighting controls with the building automation system (BAS). Once connected, the BAS uses the signals from the lighting's occupancy sensors to optimize HVAC with measures to reduce energy use in real-time.

This study will quantify the benefits of integrated controls, measure the energy impacts, assess barriers to implementation, evaluate the user experience, and develop recommendations for Focus on Energy programs.

For more on the technology used in this study, see Slipstream's guide to integrating lighting and HVAC controls.

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Benefits of participating

A successful integrated control strategy will help building operators achieve greater energy savings, improve occupant comfort, reduce energy costs, and operate more efficiently. Qualifying facilities may also receive enhanced incentives and other benefits to offset project costs.

Ideal facilities

  • K-12 school, higher education, government, retail, or office building
  • At least 15,000 sq.ft. in size
  • Have direct digital control of HVAC units with an open communications protocol like BACnet
  • Use a multi-zone HVAC system such as air handling units with VAV reheat
  • Be served by a utility participating in Focus on Energy

In addition, facilities must either:

  1. Intend to replace low-bay fluorescent lighting with NLC or LLLC systems capable of connecting to the existing BAS, or
  2. Have existing NLC or LLLC systems capable of being connected to the BAS

Find out if your facility is eligible to participate, contact Prachi Sharma: 608.210.7107 or prachi.sharma@focusonenergy.com

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