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Evaluation Reports 2020 Residential Baseline Study Report
This study looks at the characteristics of new homes built in Wisconsin between 2018 and 2020 to better understand how Focus on Energy’s Residential New…
Evaluation Reports Residential New Construction Market Effects
This document highlights ongoing efforts performed by the Focus evaluator to quantify the impacts of the Focus on Energy Residential New Construction Solution on…
Evaluation Reports Greening Grid Research
This study evaluates the potential impacts of a “greening grid” on Focus on Energy’s approach for valuing emissions reduction benefits from energy efficiency…
Evaluation Reports Peak Period Research
This report provides an analysis of Wisconsin’s peak electricity demand period and presents findings intended to inform a revision to the Focus on Energy peak…
Evaluation Reports Carbon Pricing Research
This report presents an assessment of alternative carbon valuation approaches and their potential impacts to the valuation of emissions in the Focus on Energy…
Evaluation Reports Baseline Market Study 2013
Evaluation Reports Supply-side Evaluation
Evaluation Reports Biogas Supply-side Study
Evaluation Reports Analysis of Consumer Electronics in Homes
Evaluation Reports The Market for CFLs in Wisconsin
Evaluation Reports FY08 CFL Customer Research
Evaluation Reports Business Programs Channel Studies Fiscal Year 2008
Evaluation Reports Corn Furnace Program Feasibility Study for Wisconsin
Evaluation Reports Central Air Conditioning in Wisconsin
Evaluation Reports Second Annual Comprehensive CFL Market Effects Study
Evaluation Reports Focus on Energy Business Programs
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