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Investments in solar are at an all-time high here in Wisconsin. What’s more, prices continue to fall, making solar energy an increasingly attractive choice for homes and businesses alike. While the financial savings are significant, the benefits extend well beyond the fiscal. Solar power offers Wisconsinites a greater degree of energy independence and with it, price stability.

Solar for Homes Renewables for Business
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Businesses in the dairy state are poised to reap the benefits of renewables.

Wisconsin businesses have options when producing their own renewable energy. In fact, many customers utilize what would otherwise be waste products to produce their own energy. Farms and other customers with organic matter as waste are turning to a process called anaerobic digestion to produce "biogas." Others, like lumber mills, utilize their waste to produce heat for their buildings and processes. This process of burning organic waste is referred to as "biomass." Check out the options available for your business.

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