Tune-ups & Assessments

Equipment Tune-ups

Keep your facility's equipment running at its highest efficiency by performing regular maintenance and tune-ups.

Start enjoying improved performance while saving money and energy today!

Boiler Tune-up Dairy Refrigeration Tune-up
pipes, tanks and controls
contrator inspection


Conducting a comprehensive assessment of your major energy using systems or your facility helps identify performance issues and opportunities for energy efficiency improvements.

Facility Assessments. Focus on Energy offers a free online assessment tool to create a personalized action plan to save energy and money for your business.

Pump Assessments. Pumps of 40HP or greater and operating at least 500 hours a year qualify for an incentive of $500 per pump assessed, up to 100% of the assessment cost. Customers also qualify for a Variable Speed Drive Bonus upon completion of a Pump Assessment.

Project Assessment Incentive. Need help to determine the viability of a potential energy project for complex or process-related equipment? Focus on Energy covers 50% of the external cost, up to $7,500, for studying and developing an energy savings project.

Wastewater Plant Assessments. Focus on Energy covers 90% of the assessment cost, up to $5,000, to evaluate capital projects and low- and no-cost savings opportunities in your wastewater system. Work with a participating Wastewater Service Provider (WSP) to get started.

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