Comprehensive Lighting Solutions

Focus on Energy funded a lighting study through the Environmental & Economic Research and Development program. The research found non-residential space types were at least 20% overlit compared to recommendations supported by the Illumination Engineering Society (IES).

With Comprehensive Lighting Solutions (CLS), building operators can better understand their lighting needs and receive financial incentives for implementing design changes to align light levels with IES recommendations. Whether upgrading fixtures or integrating connected controls, Focus on Energy is here to put you on the path to savings.

CLS offers two unique ways to save

  1. Fixture and/or retrofit upgrades - $0.25 per watt reduced
    • Eligible for interior fixtures only
    • One-for-one fixture/retrofit replacements are not eligible
  2. Fixture or retrofit kit/lamp upgrade with connected controls - $0.45-$0.50 per watt reduced
    • Available for interior and exterior systems
    • Available for fixtures, retrofit kits or lamps with connected controls

Review the CLS Overview [PDF] pages 18 and 25 of the Lighting Catalog for complete offering details, including project and equipment requirements.

Mean, IES recommendation, and percent reduction by space type.

Space Type Average Illuninace (fc) % Reduction
Mean IES Recommendation
Open Office 41.7 30 28%
Private Office 37.4 30 20%
Conference Room 44.0 30 32%
Storage 25.3 10 61%
Corridor 24.1 5 79%
Classroom 53.1 40 25%

How do I get started?

  1. Contact your Energy Advisor or a Trade Ally to review your current facility’s lighting and identify new opportunities at 888.623.2146 or
  2. All projects must be pre-approved. Complete the Comprehensive Lighting Solutions Workbook [XLSM] and submit to your Energy Advisor to obtain pre-approval. Upon project pre-approval, you will receive an Incentive Agreement with your estimated incentive amount.
  3. Implement your lighting project.
  4. Once completed, provide your Energy Advisor with a signed copy of your Project Completion Notice, including invoices, final light level documentation and any design updates. Receive payment after final approval.
General Requirements

All projects must be preapproved. Call 888.623.2146 or contact your Energy Advisor before you start your project.

  • Documentation required for pre-approval: Proposal detailing existing and proposed fixture type(s), quantities and model numbers with options.
  • Proposed control system specifications (if applicable).
  • Existing and proposed footcandles at working surface for space type representing the most square footage.
  • Completed CLS workbook. Download a copy at

New fixtures/retrofit kits must be ENERGY STAR® certified or DesignLights Consortium™ (DLC) SSL QPL listed (TRT V5.0 or higher).

Control systems must be DLC NLC QPL listed (NLC4 or higher) and have the following Networked Lighting Controls capabilities set up and operational:

  • Occupancy sensing
  • Zoning
  • Individual Addressability

All installations are expected to meet current IES recommendations for delivered light level and uniformity.

Compliance is the responsibility of the installer/designer.

Incentive amount is limited to 50% of project cost, including equipment and external labor (internal labor eligible for schools and government customers).

Customers can apply for either a fixture or retrofit kit upgrade or upgrade with connected controls. Eligibility limited to one option.

Interior lighting system must operate a minimum of 2,000 hours annually to be eligible.

Fixture or Retrofit Kit Upgrade


  • One-for-one fixture/retrofit kit replacements are NOT eligible. See Lighting Incentive Catalog for incentives available for one-for-one replacements.
  • No changes to existing control strategies.
  • Eligible for interior lighting only (including underground parking structures). Exterior lighting is ineligible.
Measure Description Code Incentive Unit
CLS - Fixture or Retrofit Kit Only L5029 $0.25 Watt reduced

Fixture or Retrofit Kit/Lamp Upgrade with Connected Controls


  • Eligible for fixtures, retrofit kits or lamps with connected controls. Prescriptive incentives for this equipment are not eligible.
  • Systems are NOT eligible for additional control incentives (i.e. daylighting, high bay, or non-high bay controls).
  • Eligible for interior and exterior systems.
Measure Description Code Incentive Unit
CLS - Fixture or Retrofit Kit/Lamp with Connected Controls, Interior L5031 $0.45 Watt reduced
CLS - Fixture or Retrofit Kit/Lamp with Connected Controls, Exterior L5030 $0.50 Watt reduced
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