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With agriculture energy expenditures climbing to almost $700 million each year, the need to eliminate unnecessary expenses within agribusiness operations is more important than ever. Focus on Energy has a dedicated team of agriculture experts ready to help improve the efficiency of your dairy, crop, or livestock operation through technical support and financial incentives for energy-saving upgrades. Get started today on saving energy and money in your agribusiness.

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Are you struggling with an oversized or inefficient pumping system?

Focus on Energy is offering a comprehensive assessment to identify performance issues and provide opportunities for improvement. Receive $500/pump assessed, up to 100% of the assessment cost. Qualifying motors must be 40 HP or greater and operate a minimum of 500 hours per year.

Schedule your pump assessment with a Focus on Energy Trade Ally and uncover the potential energy savings. Review the Pump Assessment Overview and Application for more information and to get started. Additional prescriptive or custom incentives may be available for projects identified as part of your assessment.

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Receive A Bonus

Take your project a step further by receiving a BONUS for installing a variable speed drive (VSD) on your pump system following your pump assessment:

  • 50% bonus, up to $2,000.
  • Total incentive, including the bonus, may not exceed the cost of the equipment.
  • Projects must be completed within six months of the assessment (no later than December 31, 2023).
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Do you use propane for your farming operation?

Find out what incentives you may qualify for.

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Are you a Trade Ally who works with Agribusinesses?

Improve your services with existing and new customers, and in return, expand energy efficiency in Wisconsin. Find out other great benefits of being a Focus on Energy Trade Ally.

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