Protecting Your Home from Moisture
Focus on Moisture

Have you noticed persistent window condensation or water staining on the ceilings or walls of your home? Moisture in your home can lead to all kinds of issues, including poor air quality and other health concerns. Solving moisture issues can be a challenge, and the damage and cost of repairs only rises the longer you wait. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to manage the moisture in your home.

Identifying the Source

Taking control of your home’s humidity levels can make your home more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient. Humid air leads to condensation problems, which can not only damage your health, but also damage your possessions. Electronics are especially susceptible to damage by condensation. To protect your home from moisture, start by looking for these signs:

  1. First, look for any signs of excessive moisture.
  2. Are there persistent and severe condensation on your walls or windows?
  3. Are there water stains and mildew on your walls or ceiling?

Protecting Your Home Year Round

Often, moisture issues are caused by bad ventilation, improper air sealing, and inadequate insulation between the attic and the rest of the home. However, humidity can be controlled. There are many solutions available to help you maintain healthy humidity levels and eliminate moisture problems throughout the year.

During the summer, you can:

  • Remove any water that accumulates at the foundation of your home, such as from sprinklers, leaky hoses, gutters that do not drain properly, and hot tubs.
  • Install a bathroom fan to vent steam from your shower.
  • Turn on your kitchen exhaust fan while cooking.
  • Place an ENERGY STAR® certified dehumidifier in your home and basement for energy-efficient moisture control.

During the winter, some window condensation is normal. To manage excessive moisture, you can:

  • Open your blinds and curtains during the day to let trapped moisture evaporate.
  • Promote air circulation by opening internal doors and removing any furniture or curtains that are blocking heating vents.
  • Clear away snow from outdoor vents attached to indoor appliances like your dryer, water heater, or furnace boiler.
  • Turn on your bathroom fan when bathing and let it run longer to help dry the rest of the home. Installing a fan timer lets you set it and forget it.

Get Rebates for Upgrades

Receive a customized report with energy-saving recommendations tailored to your home that can lower your home’s energy costs by up to 20%. Focus on Energy offers rebates on home upgrades, and additional rebates are available for customers who have a home energy assessment completed by a Focus on Energy Trade Ally contractor. The inspection and recommended upgrades can not only lead to lower energy costs but also a healthier living environment. Using your report, the contractor can help you prioritize efficiency upgrades before pricing out the work, presenting a contract and completing improvements.

With a professional energy assessment, you can receive expert advice from a Trade Ally contractor to help pinpoint issues in your home.

Learn more about rebates for qualified improvements.

If you are ready to get started, contact a Trade Ally contractor to schedule your home energy assessment. Or, give us a call at 855.339.8866 to learn more about assessments.

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