Discover Energy Savings During Energy Awareness Month

In 1991, then President George H.W. Bush declared October “Energy Awareness Month” and began what is now a month aimed at much more than “Energy Awareness.” The push from the Federal Government to all Americans seemed daunting at the time; President Bush tasked the country to come together and find ways to manage energy usage and sustain our energy resources. But it worked as we can see in all the energy changes taking place in the last 30 years.

And the push helped Wisconsin create what is now Focus on Energy in 2001.

With oversight by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission, and partnerships with 107 Wisconsin Utilities, Focus on Energy has spent 20 years helping Wisconsin residents, businesses, manufacturers, farmers, schools, and municipalities cut their energy usage and cut energy waste, create jobs stimulating the economy, and bring HUGE benefits to everyone in the state.

In the past 10 years alone, Focus on Energy has delivered $1 billion worth of net economic benefits to Wisconsin.

For every $1 invested into Focus on Energy, our programs generate $4.32 in benefits for Wisconsin residents and businesses.

Each Friday, we will debut a new video on this page, but be sure to click all the links here and discover success stories told by your neighbors and local businesses, Energy Efficiency Excellence Award winners, and how YOU can work with Focus on Energy to discover ways to change your energy usage and save on your utility bills.

Take time this during Energy Awareness Month to discover ways YOU can make a difference.

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