Future Focus Initiative 120V HPWH Research (Phase I)

This project researched the potential for 120-volt heat pump water heaters in the Midwest in local markets to identify technological barriers, opportunities, measurement, and market potential.
The research revealed a significant opportunity for this technology in Wisconsin. Other key findings of the research and modeling include:

  1. The 120V HPWH can provide enough hot water in Wisconsin to satisfy up to 4-6 occupant single family homes in Wisconsin.
  2. The 120V has lower operating costs than propane, natural gas, and electric resistance water heater.
  3. The 120V and 240V HPWH both have higher equipment costs than propane, natural gas, or electric resistance water heaters.
  4. Installing 120V HPWHs avoids significant and costly electric upgrades compared to its 240V counterpart.
  5. The 120V HPWH uses significantly less energy than propane or natural gas water heaters.
  6. The 240V HPWH has small energy performance advantages over the 120V.
  7. Installed 120V HWPHs will have larger storage tanks than the replaced natural gas or propane water heaters, which adds cost and limits space-constrained installs.
  8. Supply chain emphasizes consumer demand and supportive programs.
  9. Performance relies on ambient conditions.
  10. Distributors, plumbers, and code enforcement officials are uncertain about the performance of 120V HPWH causing a barrier to wider adoption of the technology

Implementer: Slipstream
: May 2022- December 2022
: Residential

Final Report- December 2022

Final Report Presentation- December 2022

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